Image of Anders Meyer

Anders Meyer

Vice President

Anders’ interest in the built environment began shortly after earning his BA at Middlebury College in Vermont. Working for Northern Timbers Construction, he built custom homes with a focus on energy efficient design. Through the rigorous project standards set by the general contractor, he learned about Passive House construction techniques, efficient mechanical systems and worked with designers to hone detailing for construction feasibility and performance.

Anders went on to earn his Masters of Architecture at the University of Washington in Seattle, pursuing interests in materials and fabrication and exploring the relationship between multifamily housing and nature in projects that focused on creating a holistic residential experience. Through this work he developed a passion for, and understanding of, the interplay between the environment and vibrant urban communities.

Anders previous roles in real estate development focused on food and beverage retail with an emphasis on multi-tenant, communal spaces within mixed-use projects. Prior to joining Ethos, Anders acted as Project Manager during pre-development for a first of its kind, mass-timber Bio and Life Science center in Portland’s Central Eastside. He concurrently managed a multi-building apartment complex situated on an environmentally sensitive site in the Portland suburbs.

At Ethos, Anders is excited to be a part of envisioning, planning and building multifamily projects that enhance human and environmental health and liveability. Grounded in an understanding of the construction process and economic realities, Anders leverages curiosity to listen to stakeholder needs and offer creative and unique solutions that strengthen the urban cultural fabric through inspiring design.

Anders also loves to spend time playing outside or sitting by the fire with his wife, Sasha, and two pit-mix pups, Scarlet and Roux. He occasionally enjoys holding his breath for extended periods, but if he could only do one thing for the rest of his life it would unquestionably be cross-country skiing.