Environmental, Social & Governance

We believe development projects can have profoundly positive impacts on the environments in which they are built while simultaneously being profitable. This combination makes for repeatable solutions which contribute to solving some of society’s biggest challenges.

Every project represents a thoughtful big idea, not a one-size fits all solution; this applies to both the physical manifestation of a project as well as the values prioritized in its design and operational model. The Ethos ESG platform is fueled by curiosity, aspiration, and pragmatism and uses an outcomes-oriented approach to make positive impact through its work.

At the outset of a project, a clear organizational principal is developed, around which all design, contracting, and operational choices are made. These ESG priorities provide a north star to reference for every decision taken.

  1. Equity
    In addition to equity being at the center of the priorities below, striving for inclusivity in selecting partners is key to changing the landscape of our industry. This may be approached through choice of consulting partners such as architecture, construction contractors, or even through investment partners or investments made by Ethos.
  2. Affordability
    Through a combination of efficient design, early adoption of new zoning opportunities, housing typology, unique operational models, and occasionally concessionary investment, Ethos brings accessibly priced housing to market without direct government subsidy.
  3. Sustainability
    Using high-tech solutions like solar panels and smart systems as well as low-tech solutions such as insulation, cross ventilation, and thoughtful fenestration, Ethos creates high-performance buildings that are low energy consumers.
  4. Design + Experience
    In addition to designing around the human experience of each project’s future occupants, Ethos takes its lasting impact on the communities in which it builds very seriously and endeavors to provide a positive experience for everyone that interacts with its buildings.